How Important is a Premade Capsule Wardrobe to Your Minimalist Fashion Style?

There’s a lot of tattle going around the concept of a well-curated wardrobe but men and women are wary of having to spend more money only to end up with fewer loved items in their sartorial stash. If you’re into minimalist aesthetics, a great premade capsule wardrobe will be beneficial for you. However, gathering your loved items into one cohesive collection is not an easy task. It takes hours to mix and match what you have. This effort though is worthwhile after carefully curating your wardrobe.

We at Petit Prim has composed essentials items into one compilation here in our whats a capsule wardrobe page. You do not have to get the whole set but picking out what you love and incorporating them to what you already own is what makes it all work. 

This farce about creating a collection of clothing wherein you wear the same pieces in different outfits is a minimalist concept that has been on trend for years. The term is coined by a London boutique owner in the 70’s. This did not catch on the US until the 80’s when Donna Karan released her successful designs called “Seven Pieces Collection”. The meaning of what a premade capsule wardrobe has changed over the years though. At the time, it was defined as a compact wardrobe made up of staple pieces in coordinating colors. It is usually composed of at most 30 pieces or fewer. This includes shoes and accessories. Susie did suggest that fewer than 12-items is ideal. You may have to update your collection of new trendy or seasonal items two to three times a year and that was it. The important thing is that you have streamlined your wardrobe with high-quality pieces that you can wear by mixing and matching. This saves you closet space and time.

This meaning though has evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at what Google comes up with now.


- It says that it is a collection of clothes and accessories that include only items that are considered essential.

- Some say that it is a person’s basic collection of coordinating clothes that can be used to form the basis of outfits for all occasions.

- A set of clothing normally around 24 items, which can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits.

It looks like the past years have repackaged the whole meaning of a wardrobe capsule. With sustainability as a buzz word, a premade capsule wardrobe helps in keeping the earth clean from not buying trendy cheap clothing that gets ruined after a few wears. Landfills are full of cheap items that are made by fast fashion companies. With minimalism and sustainability in mind, people are now conscious of what fast fashion does to our planet.

There are many blogs and articles pushing capsule wardrobe because it is currently trendy. Some say that this is another vessel for our society’s obsession with consumerism. It may be the case for some but if this trend is making a big change from fast fashion to clean fashion, then this is committing to the actual tenets behind the concept.

With increasing numbers of young people deciding to focus on sustainable living, coupled with an eagerness to simplify our busy lives, it seems that we are more open than ever to the notion of minimalizing our fashion choices. Picking quality items is more important now. Choosing the right business to patronize is vital to moving forward.


First,  you have to figure out what matters. It may be that you are overwhelmed with life. With all the stuff and busyness around, you may be unable to picture what is important to you, how you like to relax, and the aspirations you have had for your life. With a minimalist lifestyle and a penchant for minimalist fashion style, a manifestation of a premade capsule wardrobe will help you reconnect and remember. Oftentimes, we tend to figure out what matters to us when we get rid of everything that clutters.

Also, it is best to reduce decision lethargy. Working out what to wear every day requires energy better spent on other things instead. Trying on several outfits and getting ready in the morning hoping to find the perfect things to wear that brings out the best of your features may be fun when we were teenagers but time-consuming when we have responsibilities to attend to.

Lastly, even if you are yet unsure of what matters in your life or what you truly love, by having this collection of clothing around, you will have more space and time to figure this out. A decluttered closet will give you the peacefulness that you need to focus more on finding out what is important in your life.


Now, let’s think of it as the building blocks of your closet that support the foundation of your personal style. If you are into minimalist aesthetics, you may pick out some items on our premade capsule wardrobe collection page. There is no need to throw out all your clothes and start anew. Begin with what you have and move on from there.

We do recommend first experimenting with 4 seasonal collections a year. It might be fewer if you’re in a temperate area. Many of your clothes will appear in several seasonal collections. Maybe even more than half. 

If you are not familiar with creating your own set of clothes for everyday wear, it may look like a mountain to climb at first but setting up a gathering of several clothes that you can mix and match with one another to create many outfits can turn into a skill once perfected. Typically, you wear a capsule for three months. You may then update the collection for the next season. By having a set number of clothes, you limit your shopping, thus saving money. When a piece of clothing does not get worn or does not fit anymore, it is easy to get it replaced. 

In your closet pick up the items that are timeless and classic pieces into a separate pile from the trendy ones. You may feel overwhelmed with the chaos, don’t fret, you will get there. Simplifying your clothing will surely reap benefits. Do also note that we each have different bodies and lifestyles. Consider these in picking up the things you want to include in your collection. One perfect premade capsule wardrobe will not work for everyone. It should get messy at first as you discover what works for yourself with your body and lifestyle in the forefront of your decisions.

It is best to base your wardrobe with neutral colors and add personalization with colors as you go along.

Do remember that although blogs and articles are asserting that you start with numbers, if this does not jive with you, you do not have to follow it. Listen to your gut, it will tell you when you have enough. You only need to be mindful of how to go about creating your sense of minimal fashion style. You might fall into the trap of the perfect woman cliché with the perfect wardrobe.


White Basic Tee

Start with the basics! It is essential to have a white tee in your dresser drawer, especially on those days when you are just torn on what to wear and not think way too much. It is always great with jeans and a blazer on for that effortless casual look. You can also rock it with shorts or a skirt on the weekend relaxing with friends or loved ones. Plus, a white basic tee layers perfectly as an undershirt for a luxurious sweater in the winter.

The Classic Striped Top

Striped shirts aren’t just for gondola drivers along the canals of Venice! If you’re new or schooled in the art of prints and patterns, a classic striped top always makes an outstanding outfit and a staple to your premade capsule wardrobe. Don’t stop there too. Pair it with a floral printed skirt for that daring look or just wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for that timeless classic look.

Solid Colored Blouse

You may look great in a peplum, or you may truly love that feminine wrap or a structured business-like blouse but you can never go without a solid colored blouse to mix and watch with other items in your wardrobe.

Chambray Shirt

A button-down chambray shirt can be worn all year. It makes a great lighter, outer layer over any t-shirt as an option for your actual jacket on a sunny breezy day. Style with flannels, or long dusters. All white may look great as always as a base but pair it with jeans too.

Silk Blouse

Whether you wear it for work or a casual day, there is something about silk blouse that instantly elevates the outfit to luxury. The silk feels so soft and expensive and upgrades your style every time. Wear with a skirt for that ultra-feminine look or pair it with jeans or any trouser in your premade capsule wardrobe. It is always a guarantee that you will look always chic and put together.

Classic Button Down White Shirt

It is a classic for a reason and can be worn in many different ways. It will never go out of style. It gives you a clean crisp look every time and there are many styles to suit your personality. Combine it with any color you have in your closet and it can also be a perfect background for your fabulous accessories like jewelry and scarves. You may go daring by wearing those printed trousers with a white shirt. Tuck the shirt in, wear it with a belt, tuck it halfway, wear with a tie in front, or wear it with a singlet. Either way, you will always look great.

Knit Sweater

When the temperature is cuddle friendly, you need that warm cozy feeling of a chunky knit sweater. Get two or three for yourself that can be worn through all three seasons. Some are even light enough for summers. Wear with jeans for that casual effortless look.

Pencil Skirt

By investing in the right pencil skirt, you can have limitless possibilities by being creative in your styling with the pieces you have in your premade capsule wardrobe. A good fit pencil skirt flatters your silhouette to a tee. You will never be bored with this look as it is modern and just works for anyone. You may have a solid color or printed patterns. They are a great addition to your weekend look for some fun. It is not only for work but it can be versatile too that you can even wear it with sneakers.


Black or gray leggings are considered core essentials. They are so comfortable like you are wearing pajamas plus they keep your legs warm. They look great with many tops found already in your closet including long-sleeve tees, cardigans, sweaters, and tunics. Dress them up with heels and a long colored tunic. Dress them down with a sweater and sneakers. Either way, you’ve got a match made in comfort and style heaven.

Dark Jeans

A dark washed jeans are no doubt a staple. This is probably the most worn clothing item in the world but it does not have to be boring and basic at all. Dark jeans and a white shirt just work. It just does. Add some oomph with statement jewelry or stunning shoes. It is ideal for night or day for work or play. The classic and tasteful look you put together with dark jeans are appropriate to wear in the office. Wear with a blazer and a blouse.

Light Boyfriend Jeans

Now, it’s known that boyfriend jeans may not suit everyone’s body type. There are many light-washed jeans to choose from that may best for your body shape. When you find one, get two or three and add them to your premade capsule wardrobe. It is not every day you encounter the gold mine. It is best when worn with a popped and scrunched white button-down shirt tucked in. Pairing it with a little heel would not hurt.

White Jeans

White denim is not only worn for the summer. As seen by many influencers wearing them any time of the year, it is chic and smart to wear one all season long. Pair it with a stunning print ankle boot and structured blazer and you look at the top of your game already. You can readily layer up with a trench coat for when the colder months come. 

Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe. You may keep it low key or hit it up with accessories for a fun look. Knitwear is nifty in many ways. You can wear it summer too when there is a cool breeze around for spruce it up with a scarf come colder months.

Little Black Dress

Who could ever forget an LBD in your premade capsule wardrobe? It is a classic no questions about it. It’s so universal that sometimes we downplay its significance. There probably is no other item in a woman’s closet that combines flexibility and glamour as painless as the little black dress. It is always flattering to any body shape and you can find any style to your personal taste. It is also essential when you like wearing dress everyday

Denim Jacket

It is an all-around favorite for every season. Finding a good fit might be a challenge. Get something that works well with what you have. The right one will pair with anything in your closet even formal dresses. If you feel like you are overdressing, wear a denim jacket over. It is a perfect way to ease your outfit down for a more casual setting. It is also great to tone down if you are wearing something very bright. In the summer when it is a bit cold outside, wear it over your sundress. The simplest outfit can look more put together when you layer something over like your denim jacket.

The Blazer

A black blazer with a white button-down shirt is probably the easiest to style and a must-have in your closet. You can wear a blazer semi casually with a blouse in jeans and pumps. This classic look can also be modified by wearing sneakers instead. You may also dress it up with a turtleneck and boots. There are just too many ways to style it in a flash.

The Trench Coat

The key to picking a great trench is spending as much as you can. Go all-in with the trench. It is one of the most overworked items in anyone’s closet. Spend it, girl! It will make a difference in the quality and should last you longer. We are not about fast fashion as this one jacket will never go out of style.


Alright, so we have covered the essentials. Just don’t forget to add some personality in your outfits with show-stopping shoes or bags. A beautifully made scarf will do too. Remember to add to reduce along the way. Also, here are some tips to remember always.

Don’t purchase a dress just because it looks great on Naomi Campbell or someone you admire or follow on Instagram. Be mindful of our shape, size and whether the lifestyle the clothing represents relates to you.

If you can’t remember the last time you wore that little black dress, it probably needs donating to somebody who will love it.

Having someone to look up to like an icon allows you to be more selective when you are shopping around for additional items to your premade capsule wardrobe. If you are aiming for the minimalist aesthetic think if your icon will wear the item or not before buying it.

You do not have to follow the guide above as the bible. You have your way of living and more power to you. Just stick with some that apply to your life and live how you want.