Minimalist Mansion Where Kim K Does Live

A newly released Architectural Digest feature with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West home has made the internet go wild again. So where does Kim K live? Where does Kanye live? What’s Kim Kardashian house inside look like that made people question the celebrities’ home design style?

Kim Kardashian House Inside

Kim Kardashian House InsideKim Kardashian House InsideKim Kardashian House InsideKim Kardashian House InsideKim Kardashian House Inside


There are definitely some incredible design elements and some gorgeous items that are almost museum level curated. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The most criticism they received is that Kim and Kanye are celebrating a minimalist lifestyle but are certainly not living to the true tenets of the minimalist concept.

When they opened their door of the $60 million Hidden Hills, California minimalist mansion, Kim Kardashain showed us what the inside of their home looks like and most people have opinions of it. The fans are divided, with some loving the neutral vibes while others abhorring it. For instance, North’s room is all in one shade of pink so she may not be allowed to just hang anything up she wants because it makes it happy or it would throw off the entire aesthetic. For most people, this does not spark joy to them.

Kim Kardashian House Inside

The interiors are perfectly empty and with immaculate spaces by decorating only with single painting or other pieces. You can only tell the difference between floor, wall, or door by gradients of shadow as they are entirely in beige. It can look cold and lonely. It may feel sad and depressing with no customization to enjoy the aesthetic. 

From the onset, it does look like a Marie Kondo cleaning binge gone out of control. To answer the question, where does Kim K live or where does Kanye live? To simply put it, in a minimalist style mansion that stinks of a rich mental asylum. The whole persona of Kim Kardashian anyway is a symbol of American excess but here we are in Kim Kardashian house inside with nothingness. She has all the money to buy whatever she wants but chooses nothing and brags about it in social media. This aggressive austerity is not surprising from someone who capitalized on a sex video for profit. It is pure genius and people are suckers for it.

Kim Kardashian House Inside

Kim Kardashian House Inside

As a matter of taste, the house looks museum stunning. Although reported the couple is not advocating a minimalist lifestyle but a minimalist style of aesthetics. There is a big difference. One is creating a life where you only have what is necessary and the other is a personal style of choice that is simple, decluttered and free. A minimalist style is evident in how you portray your love for simple elegant design with a minimalist premade capsule wardrobe for instance or the decluttered aesthetic you have of your personal spaces. While a minimalist lifestyle does not have to be in a minimalist style. 

The emptiness of Kim Kardashian's house is intentional, more aspirational than owning expensive objects. It does not mean that not putting decoration on the wall is cheap - it only means that the family can afford to leave out things from the wall. There is nothing cheap in the house, the couch alone is the price of one Rolls Royce.

The aesthetics of emptiness became so popular as a symbol of wealth instead of the actual simplicity and the West are the perfect influencers of the movement in the present times. The minimalist style that was born through modernism when architects designers began using industrial materials like steel and glass to create houses have evolved over the decades. The extreme version is now the West minimalist style mansion.

The movement started in the United States when the glasshouse of Philip Johnson built-in 1949 in New Canaan, Connecticut was constructed. It has no interior barriers, only four walls of floor-to-ceiling glass. There is only scant furniture and is not comfortable at all.  The aesthetic though is pleasing to the eyes and made for Instagram selfies. Perfect for the social media life of the couple.

Over the years, the empty minimalist style spaces made its way to urban lofts, upscale apartments, and now finally to suburban mansions. Thanks to the wealth of the West and the Kardashian, they can afford nothingness.

To look at it deeply, it is almost the same absurd exhibitionist tendencies as the audacity of Donald Trump’s gold-covered interior decorating. Kim Kardashian house inside may be empty but you can easily compare it to the cringe of Trump’s style. As extreme as minimalist style as this minimalist mansion is, it is equally social dividing ridiculousness as that of the Trumps.

Note: Images from Architectural Digest